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School G.I.F.T. (Growing In Faith Together) Chaplaincy Team

Jesus is calling you to be a disciple with a mission 

        "Go do not be afraid, and serve". Pope Francis 2013.


School Chaplains 

The role of a Chaplain in any community is to care for that which is most important, most treasured and precious to that community. In our Catholic schools it is our faith in Jesus Christ that is the most important constituent.

We have all three types of Chaplain in our schools and their role is to support the faith of all members of the school community, but especially to share the special responsibility of the Head Teacher to ensure that the school is seen and celebrated as a Catholic school in full communion with the Universal Church.

Each school, with the support of the Department for Education, appoints the person to the role, but it is the Bishop who gives authority to the ministry of Chaplain. That is why each year the Bishop re-commissions existing Chaplains and commissions new Chaplains.  Our School Chaplains are vital to the life of our schools as Catholic schools and we applaud and support those who undertake this important Ministry of Service in our Diocese.

School G.I.F.T. (Growing In Faith Together) Chaplaincy Team Members


This role is to serve as a member of a GIFT Chaplaincy Team to support the Catholic Life of the School. Pupils will be entrusted with the responsibility of:

  • Giving joyful witness of Christ in their school – missionary disciples.
  • Providing support in the delivery of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all pupils across the curriculum.
  • Assisting with the Sacramental programme.
  • Peer pastoral care – building on the good practice in your school.
  • Assisting with the delivery and development of the prayer life of the school supporting assemblies, worship, class prayer times and prayer groups.
  • Assisting with developing and leading retreat experiences for pupils.
  • Developing and leading social justice activities in your school.
  • Developing the use of the chapel/prayer room/sacred spaces or areas.
  • Being present on parents and opening evenings to help with the welcome of all the community.
  • Developing outreach work and supporting local, national and international charities – Caritas Diocese of Salford, Cafod: working for change – being the change makers.

As part of our Diocesan pastoral renewal programme, Hope in the Future we have produced some resources to develop & support school & parish links. You can find these here. This is a wonderful opportunity for young people to take an active role in the parish.

For more information contact Lorraine Leonard, Diocesan Youth Coordinator