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Year 1 Art and Design examples

Autumn 1 Fire

This half term, with Mrs. Allen, Year 1 have studied the topic of fire. This has linking with the Year 1 history topic. The lessons focussed on colour looking at primary colours and secondary colours, colour washing and collage, and colour mixing. The artists that were studied in this topic were Kandinsky & Matisse.

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Autumn 2 DT Moving Pictures

In the moving pictures unit, Year 1 learnt how to make simple sliders and levers. Firstly, Year 1 gained an understanding of the mechanisms that make things move through investigating different types of mechanisms in everyday objects,

The children then developed their designing skills through trying out ideas with materials and making a mock up of mechanisms before developing and drawing a design and planning their making.

Making skills included techniques in cutting, shaping and joining to combine components, and by selecting tools and equipment to measure and cut accurately. This helped them gain an understanding of the working characteristics of the materials and components, and how they can be combined to create different properties. Both the functional and decorative attributes in a finished product were considered, thinking about the user and purpose of their model.

Following the investigation, the children designed and made a moving Christmas picture.